T h e l l i n g

Fine Artist

I am a lucid dreamer … And everything I dream, I transform into art, books and songs.

M. Thelling


It all started after a near death experience in 2010. I could suddenly perceive in a dream that I was dreaming clearly. From a scientific point of view, I’m a so-called oneironaut.

In order to bring these experiences, memories, visions and dreams into normal reality, I started to write down my dreams and to convert them into pictures, book ideas and songs and process them.

This is the starting point of my ART to this day.


Mara Thelling, Born in Leipzig, Germany

Lives and works in Düsseldorf and southern Germany

1999-2003 Studies at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Department of Social Work. Media. Culture / Diploma

Since 2020 she has published her paintings and works under Thelling