Mara Thelling’s work, which encompasses painting, performance, music and literature, delves into existential questions of our era: true love, eternal life, artificial intelligence, the apocalypse, time and time travel, everyday thoughts and the process of self-discovery and personal development.

The inspiration for all her artistic processes and the basis of her work is the lucid dreams she’s been having since a near-death experience in 2010. Lucid dreams are a phenomenon wherein the dreamer is aware she is dreaming and is able to make decisions within the dream. Upon awakening, the dreamer remembers the dream in perfect detail and can, for example, make use of the experiences for her art.

Thelling uses lucid dreaming to gain ideas for her novels, images and songs. Once she has created a foundational work like a novel or poem, she expands upon it with corresponding large-format works on canvas in oil or acrylics. She supplements her paintings and literary works by composing, arranging and singing unique pop songs.



Born 1972 in Leipzig, Germany  / She lives with her family in Düsseldorf and by Lake Constance in southern Germany.


Currently she is pursuing art studies with Prof. Markus Lüpertz at the Kolbermoor Academy of Visual Arts.

Thelling studied Culture Management at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (1999-2003), as well as Pop Music in Musical Education with a focus on pop singing at the Federal Academy for Musical Youth Education in Trossingen (2015-2016) class of Prof. Annette Marquard, a program led in cooperation with the Popakademie Mannheim (University of Popular Music and Music Business),


Mara Thelling has been a freelance artist, writer and musician since 2017.                                Various managerial positions in the fields of art, exhibitions, galleries and cultural management for over 10 years (2004-2016)
Member of the Zurich Art Gallery



2023  – Gold Edition, The Bricklane Gallery, London 

2023  – Blooimg, Art on Loop Europe, Digital Art Shows, Paris, Brüssel & Amsterdam


2024 – Zürich



2022 – Dime dónde vas cuando sueñas: Poemas (Spanish Edition)

2022 – An Artistic Life, Embrace the truth within you – Poems, Prose, Reflections

2021 – Roses will bloom from your dreams: Collection of poems

2021 – Morgen ist Eden, Roman

2021 – Die Mimosenfrau

2020 – Liebe, Luxus, Liebeskummer, Roman

2021 – Künstler sein

2019 – Sag mir, wo du hingehst, wenn du träumst, Gedichtband

2017 – Was hinter dem Himmel kommt

2016 – Spirit dein Leben, Sachbuch



2023 – Don`t Give Up 

2022 – Goodbye

2022 – Everything is blooming 

2021 – Swan 

2020 – Togethe

2020 – But the light is on your side 

2020 – Woman in the wind 

2020 – Magical world

2019 – He is from the sun

2018 – New beginning 

2018 – Another Lovesong 

2018 – I can dream with you 

2016 – Escape the Labyrinth 

2016 – Invisible light