The inspiration for this video is the poem MEMENTO from my poetry book „Roses will bloom from your dreams: Collection of poems“. (2021) / E i g e n w e r b u n g

I am now trying to use colors to express what is already written in words. „The lovers“ by Thelling, I call the new painting.

Poem @ M a r a T h e l l i n g


In my memories

We have already been there together.

In my memories

The place Still exists.

In my memories

TIME stands still.

In my memories

Nothing has changed.

In reality

You are now Far, far away.

Memories are just faded dreams.

So much time has passed.

Everything has changed.

Time never stands still.



Who knows what really is?

Who knows what is really happening?

Aren’t we all just fiction?

Memories or fiction?

Come, let’s dream together!

B U Y T H E B O O K / Advertising / WERBUNG

The book was also published in German edition: „Sag mir, wo du hingehst, wenn du träumst“

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